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Media Control - Audio

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Play audio from Ray Console. Trigger audio tracks from a Step or Memory

Integrate audio seamlessly into your show and play it directly from Ray Console using the 3.5 mm Audio Jack.


Play Audio from Ray Console

If you want to play some audio during your show, normally you have to akwardly use a laptop, tablet or separate sound device. Not with Ray Console. Using the Media Control module, you can create a playlist for your show right on the console itself and play the audio tracks directly from the consoles 3.5mm jack. Just like in Sequence, you can choose if tracks start automatically and you can jump to any track in the list without having to play it.


Trigger Media from Memories and Steps

Integrate audio tracks seamlessly into your show by triggering them to play when a memory is turned on or a step is started. This means that when you turn the sun on, the birds will start singing automatically, without you needing to press play as well. You can also set a delay, so the birds start singing 30 seconds after you turn the sun one.


Customise Media

Simply rename your audio tracks or also set the:

  • Start Delay - How long until the media starts to play after memory or step is turned on does the media track start playing
  • Start Time - Where in the media track to play media track from
  • End Time - Where in the media track to stop playing the media track


What if I Downgrade?

You will still we able to play your existing media tracks. However, you will not be able to edit or duplicate existing tracks and you will not be able to add new media tracks.

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