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Submaster Control

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Submaster House, Grandmaster, Volume

Expand the functions of your Ray Console with the Submaster Control Module. With this module you define a memory fader as a submaster.

What is a submaster?

A submaster on the Ray Console is a memory fader that is assigned a special preset that cannot be overwritten.

Submaster House

The preset for the audience before a show is often the same: some stage lighting and the audience area brightly lit. To avoid having to store this memory over and over again, place it as a submaster on a memory fader. The current fader is now locked for further changes to this light. You can access House on all memory pages.

Submaster Grand Master

You can also set a memory fader as the Grand Master, which means that you can control the intensity of all faders on the Ray Console with this one fader, e.g. to create a black at the end of the play.

Submaster Volume

The fader acts like volume control for media files, the button as Play/Pause

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