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8 Settings Accounts

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8 Settings Accounts, Patch Access Profile, Security Access Profile

If you have a larger team of lighting technicians, it would be useful to create a few more settings accounts.


8 Settings Accounts

Perhaps you have a number of different staff members and external organisations that use the lighting system. It is good practice in that case to give each of them a unique Settings Accounts. The 8 Settings Accounts module enables you to:

Create up to 8 unique Settings Accounts
Set Settings Accounts to the Patch Settings Access Profile
Set Settings Accounts to the Security Settings Access Profile


Unlock Settings

Simple settings, such as the screen brightness, are available to all users. To access complex settings, like the Patch or Network setup, the user has to sign in. Each user that signs into the settings has access to a different selection of settings. The technical director can have access to all the settings. The lighting technician can only change the patch and load a show. The teenager lighting a rock concert can’t change any complex settings.


Account Management

The owner of the console can create user accounts on the console. Each user account has a name, password, and access profile. There are four standard access profiles. With a module update, the owner can create custom access profiles. Using the user accounts, the console owner can make sure that no one changes anything they shouldn’t. Out of the box it is possible to:

Create 4 Settings Accounts
Set a unique password for each account
Set Settings Accounts to the Basic Settings Access Profile
Set Settings Accounts to the Admin Settings Access Profile


What if I Downgrade?

No accounts will be deleted from the console. The existing accounts will remain and can be used as normal. However, it will be impossible to change the name, password or Settings Access Profile of any account until the number of accounts has been reduced down 4. Of course you also will no longer be able to set accounts to the Patch or Security Settings Access Profiles.

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