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ArtNet over Ethernet, Broadcast Mode, Unicast Mode, List of Nodes

Expand your system and make use of DMX Universes 3-8 by outputting them via ArtNet using the Ethernet port.


What is ArtNet?

ArtNet is a way to transmit multiple DMX universes using one single ethernet cable. More specifically, it is an ethernet protocol based on the IP protocol suite (used for connecting to the internet). Its purpose is to allow transfer of large amounts of DMX512 data over a wide area using standard networking technology. The console can send ArtNet directly from its Ethernet port, however most devices only receive DMX512 via a XLR connector, so you will need ArtNet Nodes (also known as ArtNet Gates) or to convert ArtNet back to classic DMX512.


Broadcast or Unicast

Broadcast is when the console sends all available universes of DMX to every device in the network. Unicast is when the console sends each universe DMX only to the nodes that are set to that universe (subscribed). In general you should always use Unicast as this is efficienter and avoid problematic delays. However, if for some reason a node is not receiving DMX, then you can use broadcast to trouble shoot.


Starting Universe

By default the console will send universe 1 on ArtNet universe 1, universe 2 on ArtNet universe 2, etc. However there is a universe 0 in ArtNet and some nodes call the ArtNet universe 0, "universe 1". In this case, you can set Ray Console to send universe 1 on ArtNet universe 0 and universe 2 on ArtNet universe 1, etc.


Subscribed Universes and Nodes

When using unicast, Ray Console receives information from each node. Each node gives their name, IP address and which universes they are subscribed to. Ray Console helpfully tells you which universes have subscribers and also gives details about which node is subscribed to which universe.


What if I Downgrade?

ArtNet will no longer be selectable in Network / Ethernet, which means that you will not be able to control devices using ArtNet. All your ArtNet settings will remain unchanged, ready for when you want to use ArtNet again.


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