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Max, Min & Park

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Maximum Intensity, Pan and Tilt. Minimum Intensity, Pan and Tilt. Park.

Limit a device's Intensity to stop it blinding your audience. Limit a device's movement so that it doesn't crash into things or freeze the attributes of a device with Park.


Limit Intensity

Perhaps you want to limit some front light, so your actors don't get blinded. Perhaps your dimmer doesn't have a pre-heat function, you can set a minimum intensity here. Limiting the intensity does not change and save intensities, it just restricts the device's intensities.


Limit Pan and Tilt

Perhaps you want limit the movement of a device to 360° pan and 90° tilt so it is easier to use. Maybe your device should never shine in certain areas of the hall. Limiting the pan and tilt does not change and save positions, it just restricts the devices range of movement.


Park - Not Yet Available

Park freezes a devices' current output values. This is useful if something has gone wrong with a device in the middle of a show. Activating Park does not change any saved attributes and your device will go back to working normally when Park is disabled.

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