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Colour Control

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Colour Picker, Colour Tiles, Recently Selected Colours, Colour Faders

Take control of your RGB led devices, colour wheels and colour scrollers with the colour control module.


Colour Picker

The colour picker is an intuitive tool to select colours. Simply tap anywhere on the colour picker field to select a colour. You can also drag your finger across the colour field to dynamically select a colour. Ray Console intelligently estimates the colour regardless if you are using RGB, colour wheel or colour scroller device.


Recently Selected Colours

Along the bottom of the colour picker are the recently selected colours. Simply tap a recently selected colour to apply it to a device.


Colour Tiles

The colour tiles are a simple and secure way to select colours. Simply tap a tile to select a colour. The tile with the black boarder is selected. Ray Console intelligently selects which tiles to show based on which device you have selected. For example, if a device with a colour wheel is shown, the colours on that colour wheel will be shown as tiles.


Colour Faders

The Colour dialogue is extended with Red, Green and Blue on screen faders as well as Cyan, Magenta and Yellow faders. These faders not only show you a percentage, but also give you a preview of what moving the fader will do to the colour. If the selected device has more colour channels, then they are dynamically shown as well. The exact DMX range address for each colour shown for devices with colour wheels.


Smart Selection Error Management

If you forget to select a device, Ray Console will simply ask you which device you wish to colour. This is just one way that Ray Console helps you out when something does not go according to plan.


What if I Downgrade?

All saved colours in Memories or Steps will remain and they will be loaded when you open a saved show. However, the Colour dialogue in the Light View will not be available so you will not be able to select new colours. You will still be able set any device's colour to white by selecting the [Delete] button and then the device.

  1. Module?
    Should this really be a module? It's such a basic function it should be included in the basic version!

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  2. Module Works Well
    I tried controlling colour on two ADJ Z7 moving heads and it worked really well. Looking forward to more great modules!

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    Posted on

  3. Module Available
    This module is now available!

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