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On Screen Faders

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Colour Faders, Position Faders, Beam Faders, Gobo Faders, Set DMX Value

Get accurate control of a devices attributes to precisely control DMX values of individual attributes.


Colour Faders

The Colour dialogue is extended with Red, Green and Blue on screen faders as well as Cyan, Magenta and Yellow faders. These faders not only show you a percentage, but also give you a preview of what moving the fader will do to the colour. If the selected device has more colour channels, then they are dynamically shown as well. The exact DMX range address for each colour shown for devices with colour wheels.


Position Faders

The Position dialogues are extended with Pan and Tilt on screen faders The on screen faders can be dragged. An exact percentage (e.g. 55.55%) can be entered. Tapping on the fader name toggles the value between 0%, 50% and 100%.


Beam Faders

The Beam dialogues are extended with Beam, Iris and Zoom on screen faders. If the selected devices have shutter channels (usually a mixture of different strobes) then they are represented by extra on screen faders listed. Tapping on the Shutter, moves the fader through all the available shutter settings.


Gobo Faders

The Gobo dialogues are extended with on screen faders for every gobo wheel on every type of device selected. As with the gobo picker, it is impossible to select gobo wheels across multiple different types of devices. So gobo wheels have to be selected for each type of device separately. The name of the selected gobo is shown under the fader name if available. The DMX range for each gobo is indicated on the on screen fader.

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