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Position Control

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Position Picker, Position Joystick, Recently Selected Positions, Position Faders

Take control of your moving heads with the position control module. This module contains:


Position Picker

Get started with controlling the position of your moving heads with our simple and intuitive position picker. The x-axis controls the pan parameter. The y-axis controls the tilt parameter. Ray Console takes account of the fact that some devices can move further than others and shows you the limits of the selected device.


Position Joystick

The position joystick is perfect for fine tuning the position. Simply drag the dot in the direction you want to move pan and tilt. The further from the center you drag the dot, the faster your device will move. We show the calculated pan and tilt values in degrees as well as a small graphic similar to the position picker to help you understand what is going on. Use the fine mode to get the very last little adjustment finished.


Position Faders

The Position dialogues are extended with Pan and Tilt on screen faders The on screen faders can be dragged. An exact percentage (e.g. 55.55%) can be entered. Tapping on the fader name toggles the value between 0%, 50% and 100%.


Recently Selected Positions

Along the bottom of both the Position Picker and the Position Joystick are the recently selected positions. Simply tap a recently selected position to apply it to a device.


Select Device to Position

If you forget to select a device, Ray Console will simply ask you which device you wish to position. This is just one way that Ray Console helps you out when something does not go according to plan.


What if I Downgrade?

All saved positions in Memories or Steps will remain and they will be loaded when you open a saved show. However, the Position dialogue in the Light View will not be available so you will not be able to select new positions. You will still be able to move your device to the home position by selecting the [Delete] button and then the device.

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